Endoscopic – Gastroscopy
What is Gastroscopy (OGD)?

Gastroscopy, or also known as OesophagoGastroDuodenoscopy (OGD), is similar to colonoscopy. The endoscope is thinner, and is inserted through the mouth, down the oesophagus, and then finally ending in the stomach and duodenum.

What can be seen during Gastroscope?

Like the colonoscope, the Gastroscope is done to detect lesions in the stomach and duodenum.

This include ulcers, inflammation (gastritis) and tumors. It can also detect a hiatal hernia whereby a portion of the stomach slides upwards into the chest cavity.

Why do you need Gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy can be used to detect potential presence of harmful bacteria like Helicobacter Pylori. Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria that resides in the acidic environment of the stomach. It causes gastritis as well as ulceration. It can also spread from person to person, and is rampant in Asia because of the way food is shared during meals.

During an Gastroscopy procedure, a tiny piece of the stomach lining is taken for biopsy. This is painless and safe. The piece of tissue is then put in a special slide test. If positive, the bacteria can be effectively eradicated by a regime of medication consisting of two antibiotics and acid suppression medicine. This is usually completed in a week. The cure rate is high.

Gastroscopy Preparation:

What are the preparations before a Gastroscopy?


Before Procedure
Refrain Solid Food

How long does a gastroscopy procedure last?

Gastroscopy (OGD) is easier than colonoscopy and can be completed in an average of 5-10 minutes..

Can Medisave be used for Gastroscopy in Singapore?

Yes. Medisave can be claimed for both colonoscopy and gastroscopy (OGD) procedure. Ask us or book an appointment for details.

Is Gastroscopy Painful?

OGD is not painful. Before the procedure the nurse will spray a topical anaesthetic to numb the back of the throat. IV sedation can also be given. There is a slight sensation of wanting to gag as the scope passes into the throat but this can be helped by swallowing saliva. Once the scope passes through the throat area, the rest is simple and comfortable.