Laparoscopic Surgery
What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery, or “key hole”surgery, refers to the surgical technique whereby specialized optical cameras and instruments are inserted through small 5-10 mm incisions to perform the operation. It is also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Who is suitable for Laparoscopic surgery?

Patients who are suffering from:

Acute Appendicitis
Gallstones and cholecystitis
Colon and rectal cancers
Groin and abdominal wall hernia


With newer instruments and better techniques, virtually any operation can be done laparoscopically. Previously, it was the gallbladder and gynecological operations that could be done this way. Currently, colorectal cancers, hernias, appendices and even thyroid operations can be approached through small incisions.

Who is suitable for Laparoscopic surgery?

The immediate and obvious advantage is avoiding a large incision. Small incisions result in:


Previously patients used to be admitted into hospital for a few days for relatively minor surgery. Now with Minimally Invasive Surgery, patients can be discharged on the same day or next day after gallbladder, appendix or hernia surgery.

How effective and safe is laparoscopic surgery for colon and rectal cancers?

Currently, laparoscopic surgery is practiced by many specialized colorectal centers worldwide. The results have been very encouraging.

Compared to traditional open surgery, it achieves the same degree of tumor and lymph node clearance.

The survival rates are also comparable. In addition to safety, it also allows the patients to use less painkillers, recover faster and to be discharged home earlier.

Can this technique be used for every case of colon and rectal cancer?

No. Patients have to be carefully selected in order for the procedure to be safe and successful. Tumors that are large and stuck to surrounding organs are not appropriate for this type of operation. Our colorectal surgeon will have to evaluate every patient on an individual basis before embarking on this type of operation.

Is laparoscopic surgery expensive?

Because special instruments and additional staff are required, laparoscopic surgery will cost more than open surgery. However, this cost is offset by shorter stay in hospital.