Ligasure Hemorrhoidectomy
What is Ligasure?

Ligasure is a new energy device that uses precisely calculated and focused energy delivery to achieve the desired tissue effect.

How is it carried out?

Similar to any surgical hemorrhoidectomy, it is carried out under general anesthesia. The procedure lasts about an hour and patient goes home the same day.

How does it benefit Hemorrhoidectomy?

Used in Europe as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong


Compared to Conventional Diathermy Hemorrhoidectomy


Faster return to function


Compared to other modes of surgery

Is Ligasure suitable for every patient?

No. Ligasure is suitable for large second degree hemorrhoids that have failed rubber band ligation and medication, or for single solitary prolapsed hemorrhoid. For large, circumferential prolapsed hemorrhoids, stapled hemorrhoidectomy is still the preferred option.

How is it different from normal conventional diathermy?

liga-2Unlike conventional diathermy, which is used to cut and coagulate tissues, Ligasure delivers the minimal amount of energy to cut tissue, resulting in less collateral damage to surrounding tissues. The charring and scarring is therefore much less. Also, the device is able to effectively seal tissue at the same time, unlike conventional diathermy which leaves an open wound.

Ligasure cuts tissues with just the right amount of energy and seals the wound at the same time, creating a much smaller wound.